Our Story

Our Story

In the summer of 2016, the four of us decided to go for it. At the time, we weren’t really sure what it was but we knew it had to utilize each of our respective talents to bring something of value to other people. Something that boasted personality, creativity, and a touch of humor.

Sometime near the end of November, we were sitting on my living room couch, trapped inside by the cold, with no internet connection when we started assembling a business plan. We wanted to establish a unique brand that beyond just the tangible value of a product, would create a full and valuable experience for our team and our customers.

Thus, Sleek Supply Co. was born and we designed the sleekest MF’n timepiece that the watch game has ever seen. We developed and created authentic video, soundtrack, web, and social media content in-house to showcase the class, versatility, and minimalism of our watch all while eliminating the need and cost for third-party creators. We hope you enjoy our content, check us out on social media, and sport our watch everywhere you go.

Meet The Team


Curran just absolutely crushes the business side of things. People already compare him to Steve Jobs.


Thomas develops and creates all the juicy content you see before your eyes. Feast on it.


Tate creates some groundbreaking content with his drone flying expertise. He’s a better pilot than Sully.


Matt is the finance guy. He once calculated the square root of a negative number.


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